Kamala Harris Forced To Apologize After Lying.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Did you guys get a load of this?

Look at her face when she’s all, “It’s an incredibly offensive term” and then tries to play like she just couldn’t “process” what she was hearing. And she’s trying to lecture the reporter about how offensive the term is? SERIOUSLY?

And now? Check out this backpedaling, y’all.

If she didn’t hear him, what was she laughing at?  What was “well said?”  I mean, COME ON.

Meanwhile, there are still morons out there who Actually Believe that Trump made fun of a disabled reporter, even though that narrative has been debunked.

Give it up, Kamala. People know exactly who you are. Besides, this is apparently your new MO.

An apology only works if you are sorry for what you did and you don’t try to shift blame or pretend it didn’t happen exactly the way it happened.

Can’t wait for this to be used against her in the debate this week.

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