Dan Crenshaw Schools Bernie Sanders on the Role of Federal Government

Erin Evans

As everyone in the English-speaking world probably knows by now, Bernie Sanders is all about free college.

(Spoiler alert: by “tuition-free” he means tax-payer funded.)

After Bernie’s most recent tweet about free college, Dan Crenshaw decided to explain to him the role of federal government.

Bingo.  One of the functions of the federal government – I would argue one of its most important functions – is national security and defense.  What’s not a function of the federal government?  Funding frat parties and liberal arts degrees.

Maybe, instead of telling kids the government should take care of them financially, we should be teaching high schools financial responsibility and other important life skills.

Let me tell you a story.  When I was applying to law school, I was waitlisted at a very highly ranked law school.  I went to visit and was told that, if I wrote a Letter of Continuing Interest I would likely get in – but I wouldn’t get any scholarships, so it would cost me something in the range of $45,000 a year, plus living costs.  I said ‘no thanks’ and went to a state school with a sticker price of less than half of that.  Would there have been some advantages in going to the better ranked school?  Sure, but to me those advantages weren’t worth coming out with six figures in debt.  Instead, I received a very good education elsewhere, and came out with a much more reasonable amount of debt.

That’s what we should be instilling in young people.  Get a degree that you can actually use, and when choosing a school think about how much it costs in relation to what you want to do and your potential salary.

College is not a human right; free college certainly isn’t.  And it definitely isn’t the government’s role to make sure you can go to college free of charge.


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