Christina Hoff Summers Blasted Feminism On Bill Maher’s Show…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Y’all know how much we love Christina Hoff Sommers here at COTR.  Well, she went on Bill Maher, and it was obviously awesome.  Because she’s completely awesome.

Modern day feminism is a joke.  And people like Sommers are sanity in an insane, whatever-wave-it-is-today feminist world.  In the Maher clip below, she sheds light on how she’s gone to places like Oberlin College and had to have extra police detail (because wow – she’s like, super-scary, huh?), and how “they had the safe room set up, and 30 women and a therapy dog fled to the safe space…”

Sweet mother of LUNATICS.

Now I’m not a feminist, because I’m not – and never will be – a perpetual victim.  And those two things are synonymous now.  Just thinking about being a feminist makes my skin crawl.  My daughters aren’t (and won’t be) feminist, because they weren’t (and aren’t) raised to be victims, either.  Not many conservative women are, because we’re strong, self-reliant, self-sufficient, and we understand that screaming “I’M A VICTIM WAAAAAH!!” every thirty seconds trivializes Actual Victims.  That is beyond disgusting and it hurts your fellow women.  In other words, if you do that, you’re a raging seabeast.  And these are the same liberal chicks who want to depend on government for everything, while they’ll simultaneously preach about being “empowered.” I always find that amusing, because they ultimately want taxpayers to be their Sugar Daddy.  Don’t y’all think that’s interesting?  And not at all empowering?

Modern-day feminists are weak, pathetic whiners.  And I have no time for any of that.  Neither does Sommers:


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