Biden Is Riding The Struggle Bus, Y’all…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Biden has officially taken a seat on the struggle bus.  He doesn’t look like he wants to be anywhere on the campaign trail – at ALL.  I know he’s the front-runner, because he’s basically the best the Dems have at this point (and the DNC’s OBVIOUS pick), seeing as how their bucket of batsh*t isn’t that palatable to any remaining normal people on the left.  But Joey Gaffeamatic – when he remembers WHERE HE IS – seems about as excited to be campaigning than one of those defeated-looking dudes you see holding his wife’s purse on Black Friday.

And then there’s the cough attack and the slurring and the reading from his cue cards as if he’s presenting a 3rd grade book report….check it out:

Here’s the thing.  All these people want to do it beat the oraaaaaaaange man!  They have no policies to stand on.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  There’s no offense…just defense.  So they’re predictably using fear, hatred – and worst of all – revenge (for what, exactly?) to win a presidency.  It’s completely wack, and my guess is that it’ll backfire (again).

This part was my personal favorite (especially the bold):

“We have 330 million Americans that have to do what this president can’t do, stand together and stand up against this god-awful situation we face with him as president. Stand up for our best, what our nation believes,” he said. “We believe in honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignity and respect, giving everyone a fair shot and leaving no one behind. And giving hate no safe harbor. Demonizing no one — not the poor, the powerless, the immigrant, the other (cough) and maybe most importantly, leading, not by the example of our power but by the power of our example as we always have.”


OMG my side hurts from laughing.

Really?  You believe in treating everyone with decency and respect, Joe and friends?  Giving everyone a fair shot?  It’s getting deep in here, Joe – I’m surprised your eyes didn’t start bleeding from that load of steaming crap.  In fact, you may want to talk to your Hollywood friends and university professors and all the other folks on your side of the aisle WHO DON’T WANT CONSERVATIVES TO EVEN HAVE JOBS OR RIGHTS TO SPEAK THEIR “OWN TRUTHS” OUT LOUD AT THIS POINT simply because they don’t agree with what we believe policy-wise.  We get emails every day about how kids in universities are afraid to admit they’re conservative.  We get emails from people who would never dare admit they’re conservative in the workplace.

Why is that, Joe?

You think maybe it’s because conservatives have been left behind?  And guess what – we’re not a protected class.  Huh.  How about you step outside your bubble and ask a scaaaaaaary conservative the last time they called for the job of a liberal, simply because that liberal DIDN’T believe in small government.


Tolerance and dignity and respect and leading by example…I’m still laughing.  I can’t.  And yet he stands up there and reads from his little paper that someone else wrote – you know the one that says that Trump is a liar.  Classic.

Good Lord, someone get this guy his meds and let him take a nap.  This is starting to be elderly abuse, right?

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