Planned Parenthood Says Your Body’s Size Doesn’t Matter, Misses the Irony

Erin Evans

Planned Parenthood is all about body positivity.  This week, they posted the following image on Instagram:

The illustration was done by Lena Dirscherl, a self-described “pansexual, body-positive feminist.”  It was also accompanied by a message from Dirscherl stating:

You aren’t worth more when you are skinny and you don’t lose any of your worth when you gain weight.  It doesn’t matter what kind of body you have.  You are a human being and therefore worthy! Always.

I agree with that message.  I think it’s too far when we, as a society, start normalizing obesity and other conditions that can have severe medical consequences, but it’s absolutely true that the size of your body does not determine your worth as a human being.

The irony, of course, is that Planned Parenthood DOES think your size can determine your worth and humanity: if you’re a tiny baby in utero, Planned Parenthood thinks you are worthless and can be aborted based on size.

This size-based argument is indelibly linked to the more frequently cited “viability” argument.  A human being is terminable until it reaches a designated size, called “viability,” at which point it can survive outside the mother’s uterus.

Of course, “viability” is constantly changing with advances in medical technology.  Although a birth at approximately 24 weeks gestation is considered by many the earliest stage at which a premature infant can realistically survive, there have been cases in which younger infants have persevered.

The ever-changing viability window raises serious questions for the pro-choice community.

Planned Parenthood’s entire business model is predicated on a baby’s size and viability.  Apparently the irony of stating all humans have worth regardless of size, when they routinely terminate human beings based on size, is lost on the organization.

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