Surprising New Poll Spells Good News For Trump

Ashley (Kimber)

Agan and again, we’ve seen polls claiming that all thee of the Democrat frontrunners would win against President Trump.

Many of us have lost most faith in polls at this point, so whatever…

But a NEW poll does have some interesting data to share, which, if reliable, could be very good news for the President: All three leading Democratic candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — have lower favorability ratings than President Trump.

According to Daily Wire: 

The in-depth, comprehensive poll from The Economist and YouGov, taken between September 1-3, showed 43% of respondents with a favorable response to Trump; 29% had a “very favorable” reaction and an additional 14% had a “somewhat favorable” response.

Among the three leading Democrats, only 40% had a favorable reaction to Biden, with a paltry 17% of respondents having a “very favorable” reaction and an additional 23% with a “somewhat favorable” reaction.

Warren got a total of 39% of respondents giving her a favorable reaction, 20% of whom had a “very favorable: reaction and 19% with a “somewhat favorable” reaction. Sanders got the most favorable reaction of the three top candidates as he barely edged out Biden with 41% of respondents having a favorable reaction, but he still ranked 2% behind Trump. 18% of voters gave Sanders a “very favorable” rating while 23% gave him a “somewhat favorable” response.

Another piece of evidence with good news for Trump: asked whether their candidate would defeat or lose to Trump in 2020, Biden was 10% underwater, with 32% of voters agreeing he would probably beat Trump but 42% saying he would probably lose. Warren fared even worse, at 16% underwater; 28% thought she would probably win and 44% thought she would probably lose, while Sanders brought up the rear at 17% underwater, as 29% of voters thought he would probably win but 46% thought he would probably lose.

For the record, Kamala Harris is 24% underwater. Ouch.

Voters 45 and older clearly preferred Trump to the Democrats; 46% of those aged 45-64 gave him a favorable rating while 54% of those over 65 felt the same way. Biden’s numbers were 39% and 42%; Sanders’ were 34% and 33%, and Warren’s were 35% and 33%.

Younger voters skewed harder to the Left; Sanders got 53% of voters aged 18-29 and 45% of those aged 30-44. Warren’s numbers were 48% and 44%; Biden’s were 41% and 37%, while Trump’s were 35% and 36%.

The fact that older voters skewed toward Trump is significant considering that the poll found that they are paying far more attention to the election than younger voters; 70% of voters over 65 said they were paying some attention or a lot of attention to the election; 65% of voters aged 45-64 felt the same way, while only 53% of voters younger than 45 said they were paying some or a lot of attention to the election.


So yeah- I’ve learned better than to hinge too much on polls, because we ALL learned our lesson in 2016, right? But either way, I find this an interesting tidbit.