Playing Trump Made Alec Baldwin Want To Die

Ashley (Kimber)

Alec Baldwin is a Hollywood a-hole that everyone hated for being such a public jerk.

Then he started playing Trump, and their mutual, unhinged hatred made it aaaaall better. Alec Baldwin was back in everyone’s good graces, despite getting in fights and being wildly demeaning to his daughter and so on and so forth.

Well, it turns out playing Trump basically makes Alec Baldwin want to die.

According to Fox News:

The 61-year-old actor previously said he was “so done” with playing the role after taking up the mantle of the sketch series’ go-to presidential impersonator in the 2016-2017 season. Now, on the cusp of the show’s 45th season premiere, he explained that he has very little desire to keep doing his over-the-top portrayal of Trump.

“I think every time I did Trump after the first season — the first season everybody was high, they were in a lot of pain, they were confused,” he explained in the Season 3 premiere of Kevin Nealon’s YouTube series “Hiking with Kevin.” “They thought, even if you didn’t like [Hillary Clinton], it is impossible that he would beat her. They just didn’t see that.”

He described his Emmy-winning portrayal in the first season as “fun, fun fun.”

“Then, every time I did it — the second and third season I did it, I’d go into my room and I was like ‘I hope a meteor hits this building and kills me because I don’t want to do this ever again. I hate this.’”

OH NOES. Am I supposed to feel bad for him? A lot of people have jobs they hate – most don’t get paid nearly as much to do it.

“What I don’t like is that I don’t think it’s doing anything,” he explained. “It’s not doing anything good or bad for him.”

Oh. Because the point of “comedy” isn’t to make people laugh anymore.

It’s to affect American politics. DUH.