Ocasio Cortez Does An Interview In Spanish That Leaves Spanish-Speakers Shaking Their Heads

Ashley (Kimber)

Technically, Spanish is my first language.

I grew up in Mexico with a Spanish-speaking mother and an English-speaking father. I don’t actually remember learning either of them, but I’m told I started speaking in Spanish first, as I spent more time with my mama in the early days. (As most babies do.)

I still speak Spanish fluently, and go out of my way to read and communicate professionally in Spanish in order to avoid the dreaded Spanglish. (My mother would DIE. The HORROR.)

Anyway- AOC is super Hispanic or whatever. She hinges her entire political career on the fact that she’s a Hispanic woman and people are super bigoted towards her because of it (As a Hispanic woman myself, I have yet to experience this. Surely it’s coming for me, right?)

She did her first Spanish language interview, and she’s SO FREAKING PROUD:


HOLD UP. Many of you may not have noticed this, but again… given my background, ONE thing stood out like a sore thumb.


YEAH. Anyone who legitimately speaks Spanish, who grew up around Hispanic culture, or who has half a BRAIN is going to take pause at this one.

I’d PAY you to find me a Mexican in Mexico (or any other Hispanic country) who thinks “LatinX” is anything but a JOKE.

Additionally, this only makes sense in English. The “X” is usually pronounced as a “J” or an “H” sound in Spanish.

So um… Latin-HHH. Yeah. No.

BINGO. It’s just silly.

This literally doesn’t exist.

LatinA and LatinO isn’t offensively gendered language. It’s just the way our language works. If you SPOKE it, you might KNOW THAT.