Howard, Town Halls, And Demi Lovato Is SOOOOO Brave, Y’all! Also, Some Q&A.

Daisy, Co-Founder

Another one bites the dust, but at least we have a huge bucket of crazy leftover to mock.  There’s never a shortage.

Also, because it’s 2019, the newest form of “bravery” is showing your cellulite-ridden butt on Instagram.  Never mind that people are fighting cancer right now, overseas serving in our military, or struggling with Actual Battles like domestic abuse.  Nah – her butt has some extra cushion on it, and showing it on the ‘gram is, like, SOOOOOO BRAVE.

This is why millennials get a bad rap, y’all.  THIS.

Anywho, we also got to a few questions!  Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.