Howard Schultz Is Out Of The Race, Sarah Sanders Is Writing A Book, And CNN Plans To Host An LGBT-Focused Townhall

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So much going on this morning!

First things first. Howard Schultz, who most people had forgotten is running for president, is no longer running for president.

He posted a statement on his website which read:

“My belief in the need to reform our two-party system has not wavered, but I have concluded that an independent campaign for the White House is not how I can best serve our country at this time. I will spend this election cycle and the years ahead supporting bold and creative initiatives to transform our broken system and address the disparity of opportunity that plagues our nation.”

So yeah. No more Howie.

Also, Sarah Sanders is going to write a book about her experience in the White House. I’m typically not a fan of post-White House tell-alls, but this one promises NOT to be the kind of tell-all that we’ve seen from the likes of Omarosa and others, and instead will be focused on a different angle. According to Axios, Sarah said, “From Arkansas to the White House and back, I’m excited to tell my story about the challenges of being a working mom at the highest level of American politics, and my role in the historic fight raging between the Trump administration and its critics for the future of our country.”

I’m down to clown.

Lastly, CNN seems to think that even though its 7 hour Climate Change Townhall was an abject ratings failure, they should do another one on LGBT issues.  I like how Brandon Straka called them out:

Don Lemon announced that this snooze-fest will happen on October 10th, and will feature all the Democrat presidential candidates, and will exclusively focus on “issues important to LGBTQ people” as if all of them are interested in the same issues as each other, and not at all interested in issues that are just, you know, HUMAN ISSUES.

It’s like when Gillibrand tried to make her whole campaign about “women’s issues.”  WTF ARE those?  I’m a woman, and the issues I care about are the economy, the military, healthcare, employment, kids, education, retirement, freedom, our rights, etc.  – things that I just see as PEOPLE issues.

So tired of this identity politics BS.  But CNN LIVES for it.  So yeah, prepare for another 7 hour snooze fest that like 8 people will watch.

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