De Blasio Wants To Take Semi-Automatic Rifles From Citizens, His Bodyguards Will Keep Theirs

Ashley (Kimber)

What’s good for the goose is apparently NOT good for the Democrat gander.

At least… when it comes to guns. (And everything else, actually. Democrats are hypocrites.)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that if elected , he would implement a federal gun confiscation program, forcing citizens to hand over their guns.

Law enforcement officers, however, would get to keep theirs, because as we all know, you’re WAYYY safer waiting for the cops to show up than trying to defend yourself.  Duh.

Oh. And HIS bodyguards get to keep their guns. You know. For HIS safety.

According to Daily Wire:

“We’ve got to end the availability of assault weapons in this country, so I think if there was a ban on assault weapons and there was a buyback program, the vast majority of people, I think, would do the smart thing and they would sell them back,” de Blasio replied. “I don’t have a specific answer for you, but I think it’s a good question.”

Carlson sounded the alarm that a federal gun-grab could lead to violent clashes across the nation as law-abiding gun owners fear they would be losing their ability to defend themselves and their families. He subsequently pressed the Democratic presidential hopeful on the logistics of how the plan would be executed considering it is unlikely that gun owners would willingly hand over their firearms.

“I’m being honest with you, I think anyone in public life should say, you know, when we think we have an answer or whether it’s something we still have to work out,” de Blasio said. “What I know is this: we cannot have assault weapons in our society – we’ve seen the devastating impact, they need to be banned. And that means by definition you don’t leave millions and millions of them out there.”

“The buyback’s the obvious approach,” he continued. “How we deal with someone who doesn’t want to participate in the buyback, that’s something we’ll have to resolve going forward.”

De Blasio put forth that the ban would not violate the Second Amendment considering there would still be a variety of other firearms available for both hunting and self-defense, but the so-called “military grade assault weapons” do not belong in the hands of ordinary Americans.


I have to pull this one back out every now and again…

Carlson further questioned whether the security detail that de Blasio is provided as mayor would be subject to the same limitations as their fellow citizens. The Democratic lawmaker contended that as a government official he is potentially more exposed to violence and therefore needs the additional protection that semi-automatic rifles provide.

“They’re sworn law enforcement officers,” de Blasio said referring to his bodyguards. “Sworn law enforcement officers who are here to protect all of us.”

“Someone who serves in public office for a limited period of time, and in the society that we’re living in, and I hate to say it but public servants are vulnerable to violence in a different way,” he continued. “Our law enforcement officers are there to protect all of us.”

TRANSLATION: I deserve defense more than you do.