Amy Klobuchar Tells The Exact Same Joke Over And Over And It’s The Most Cringeworthy Thing Ever

Ashley (Kimber)

Amy Klobuchar once told a story about a Tweet she sent out to President Trump that she thought was particularly clever.

“The President actually sent out a Tweet, he made fun of me for talking about climate change in the middle of a blizzard and he called me ‘Snow Woman’. So I wrote back, ‘Hey, Donald Trump, ‘The science is on my side, and I’d love to see how your hair would fair in a blizzard.’

Little did she know that it was not funny, nor clever.

I’ve actually heard Klobuchar tell this story before. I thought it was lame then.

I had no idea she’s literally told it hundreds of times:

Oh. My. GOD.

This might actually be the most cringe-worthy video of all time.

Even the way she says “Bliizeeeerd” while she leans forward makes me want to gag.