Air Force Jet Accidentally Fires Rocket Into Arizona

Ashley (Kimber)

Well…that was a close one. I COULD SEE DEM ROCKETS FROM MY HOUSE.

(Not really. But I’m in the right state. It counts.)

The Air Force has confirmed that a jet made a little woopsy-daisy when it fired a ROCKET into the Arizona desert. Fortunately, the area was completely uninhabited and no one was injured.

According to Fox News:

A jet that fired a rocket over the Arizona desert near Tucson on Thursday morning did so by accident, the Air Force said, acknowledging the potentially calamitous mishap and confirming the rocket landed in an “uninhabited area.”

Officials said the incident was under investigation, FOX10 Phoenix reported.

“The rocket impacted in a desert wash in an uninhabited area under the Jackal Military Operations Area, which is located approximately 60 miles northeast of Tucson,” the Air Force announced Thursday.


The jet, an A-10C Thunderbolt II, was on a training mission when it released the single white phosphorous M156 rocket, officials said.

No injuries, damage or fires were reported.

YEEEAH. Didn’t even think about the danger of FIRE. Fires start here if you LOOK at the desert the wrong way.

My guess is someone’s in trouuuuble.