The CNN Climate Town Hall Thingy Went About Like You Probably Expected, Only Worse.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

First of all, Joe Biden got a bloody eye, which I didn’t even know was a thing that you could just spontaneously get.


I didn’t watch any of the 7 hour climatethon, but here are some highlight videos that capture the essence.  Kamala was in rare form, y’all:

Yeah.  She’s gonna ban meat.  And if she doesn’t ban meat, she’s gonna make damn sure there’s new “dietary guidelines” on what you eat, and then she’ll go scarf down a cheeseburger when no one’s watching.

Oh, and when she’s not trying to ban meat, she’s gonna work on banning ALL plastic straws.  But she’ll cackle at everyone using their paper straws while she’s using plastic from her secret stash.

Bernie wants us to fund abortions across the world, especially in third world countries, as a way to address “population control” which this moron in the audience suggested is something that’s “courageous” to talk about.

Mayor Pete just mostly showed off his goofy smile and drew comparisons between this climate emergency and WWII.  Because, you know, TOTES the same thing only climate change is worse.

Bloody-eyed Biden talked about the Green New Deal and how much more detail his plan has:

Oh, and he also wants to shut down ALL THE COAL PLANTS.

Elizabeth Warren released this video in which she pronounced the word “hurricane” as “hurrikun” and I am legit perplexed as to how anyone takes her seriously on anything.

Liz Wheeler summarized the whole evening perfectly:



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