Politician Under ‘Hate Crime Investigation’ For Sharing Bible Verse On Facebook

Ashley (Kimber)

No, this isn’t happening in America…

But if the Left got their way, I wouldn’t be surprised if our future looked a lot like this.

A Finnish politician is under “hate crime investigation” after she shared a Bible verse on her Facebook.

Yes. Seriously.

According to Fox News:

Police are investigating a Christian politician in Finland for an alleged “hate crime” because she shared a Bible verse on Facebook to criticize a national church that participated in LGBT Pride festivities.

THIS is why I get angry when people question AMERICAN FREEDOMS.

This will not happen in America – as long as the people who value our American Freedom keep protecting it. And YES – that depends on each and every one of us to get out and VOTE.

In the post, congresswoman Päivi Räsänen, a Christian Democrat, criticized the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for participating in the Helsinki LGBT Pride events in June. Her criticism was alongside a picture of Romans 1:24-27 that describes same-sex relationships as “shameful.”

Her post made Räsänen the subject of a pretrial investigation by the Finnish Police for a suspected incitement against sexual and gender minorities.

“The pre-trial investigations have not yet been completed. Police will provide more details once the investigations have been completed or presented to a prosecutor for consideration of charges,” the Helsinki Police Department officer in charge of the investigation told the Helsinki Times.

So basically having and sharing an OPINION is a HATE CRIME. Got it.

Personally, I do not share her opinion or interpretation. But I ENTIRELY defend her right to express it.

Imagine a world in which QUOTING THE BIBLE is illegal.

What are we coming to?