Kroger Asks Customers To Keep Guns Concealed

Ashley (Kimber)

Kroger stores have asked customers to no longer open carry in their grocery stores.

According to Fox News:

Kroger on Tuesday requested customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in its stores — hours after Walmart asked the same of its shoppers amid recent mass shootingsacross the U.S. and some public pressure from mostly left-leaning groups to restrict gun sales.

“Kroger is respectfully asking that customers no longer openly carry firearms into our stores, other than authorized law enforcement officers,” Jessica Adelman, group vice president of corporate affairs, said in a statement.

This raises SO many questions. Certain areas of the country require different permits for open carry and concealed carry. If you can only legally open carry – then are you no longer allowed to carry at all?

Adelman added the Ohio-based supermarket chain is also joining Walmart in “encouraging our elected leaders to pass laws that will strengthen background checks and remove weapons from those who have been found to pose a risk for violence.”

Earlier Tuesday, Walmart asked that customers no longer openly carry firearms into its stores or Sam’s Clubs in states where “open carry” was permitted unless law enforcement authorized it. However, CEO Doug McMillon noted that the store wouldn’t change its policy and approach regarding concealed-carry permits.

Right. This has NOTHING to do with safety. The people planning something awful PROBABLY AREN’T OPEN CARRYING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This isn’t about keeping people safe – it’s about making sure anti-gun Leftists aren’t offended by the gun on your hip.