The Odessa Shooter Had Already Failed A Gun Background Check

Ashley (Kimber)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has confirmed that the man who killed seven people and wounded 25 others during a horrific shooting this weekend previously failed a gun background check.

Law enforcement officials have not yet been able to figure out how he obtained the gun he used in the shooting.

More troubling details have also emerged.

According to Daily Caller:

The 36-year-old gunman was also reportedly fired from his job at Journey Oilfield Services Saturday morning. Ator and the company made complaints to police that same day, USA Today reported.

The shooter also contacted the FBI and rambled over the phone about “some of the atrocities that he felt that he had gone through,” FBI Special Agent Christopher Combs said according to the AP.

“He was on a long spiral of going down. He didn’t wake up Saturday morning and go into his company, and then it happened,” Combs said. “He went to that company in trouble and had probably been in trouble for a while.”

The one thing I seem to find many of these madmen have in common?

Someone KNEW they were dangerous.