Chicago Mayor Blames Republicans For Violence In Her City

Ashley (Kimber)

Chicago is a pit.

Don’t get me wrong- I actually love a lot about Chicago. My husband’s entire family, as well as my brother live there, so we spend a lot of time in the city. Much of it is lovely.

There are also parts of the city I wouldn’t drive through in an armored car if you paid me.

Why is Chicago a violent cesspool? Because of liberal policies that have allowed crime to fester for years.  Mayor Lori Lightfoot, however, has another theory…

She thinks Chicago’s problems are REPUBLICANS’ fault.

According to Fox News: 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot clashed with Sen. Ted Cruz over the latest burst of gun violence in the city, claiming Monday that Chicago’s decades-long crime problem is actually the fault of Republican-run states like Indiana – because they don’t have “commonsense gun legislation” in place.

The retort came after Cruz, R-Texas, tweeted that “gun control doesn’t work” and pointed to the Democrat-run city as evidence that “disarming law-abiding citizens isn’t the answer.” His tweet referenced an article reporting that at least 25 people were shot in Chicago during Labor Day weekend amid a continuing crime wave in the city.

This is a given…

Unless you’re a Democrat mayor, of course:

“Keep our name out of your mouth.”

Really, Lori?

We would, if you didn’t give us so much to talk about.

If the violence in your city can be blamed on Republicans… why aren’t Republican-run areas facing even worse problems?