Man Sues Popeyes Chicken For Running Out Of Sandwiches

Ashley (Kimber)

This is so stupid.

As you may have heard (or not, I don’t know) Popeyes Chicken released a new chicken sandwich that was met by extraordinary demand. Everyone wants a friggin’ Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Anyway- one dude couldn’t get one, and he’s HAAAANGRY.

According to Breitbart:

Craig Barr of East Ridge, Tennessee, has filed a civil summons against Popeyes Chicken for wasting his time.

Barr wanted a Popeyes chicken sandwich so bad it was — figuratively, to be clear — criminal. Now he has brought his ravenous hanger to the Hamilton County General Sessions court.

In the summons, Barr wrote he is suing the popular franchise for “false advertising, deceptive business practices by entity to public. Countless time wasted driving to and from Popeyes. No chicken sandwich. Was told to come back this day- still no sandwich.”



“I can’t get happy; I have this sandwich on my mind. I can’t think straight,” Barr told the Times Free Press. “It just consumes you.” He contends Popeyes over-hyped and then purposely under-delivered on the supply of chicken sandwiches to draw attention in their ongoing popularity contest against Chick-fil-A.

I can’t. I CANNOT.

This man doesn’t need a sandwich, he needs a shrink.

“It’s totally deceptive. Who runs out of chicken? It’s a big fiasco. Someone has to stand up to big corporate,” Barr declared. “Everyone is captivated by these sandwiches. They’ve got everyone gassed up on them.”

LOLOLOL. Their marketing worked! HOW EVIL!

Barr claims to have repeatedly visited local Broad Street, Highway 58, Brainerd Road, and Ringgold Road locations in his quest for the elusive bird meat, blowing out a tire and damaged a $1,500 rim in the process.

Barr even answered a sketchy Craigslist ad for a supposed employee selling them out of the back of the Broad Street location, to no avail. Chattanooga Police said they have received no reports of problems at any of the locations, and the alleged ad is no longer on the site.

The civil action suit was filed on Wednesday, and seeks $5,000 dollars in recompense. Barr will have his day in court on October 28. Popeyes has thus far declined to comment.

Honestly… this works in Popeye’s favor. Now I NEED to try one of those sandwiches.