Dairy Queen Forced To Confirm Their Burgers Are Not Made of Human Meat

Ashley (Kimber)

It’s not every day you see a tweet like this from a fast-food chain:


This needs to be confirmed, WHY?

According to Fox News:

The statement was in response to a news story published by the Index-Journal, of Greenwood, S.C., reporting that someone complained about “human meat being inside a burger” at the local Dairy Queen.

Manager Saif Momin said that around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, federal agents from the FBI and Homeland Security, as well as local South Carolina officials, appeared at the store in Greenwood. He told the news outlet a corporate inspector told him someone complained there was “human meat” in a burger.

Apparently, the complaint was credible enough to investigate.

Or are all ‘people meat’ complaints taken this seriously?

Are there enough ‘people meat’ complaints to have a policy on this?

Ultimately, two people were arrested for allegedly running an unlicensed money-transfer business. One of the men arrested reportedly kept $200,000 in a locked safe at the Dairy Queen so that the other man could easily access it.

The swarm on Wednesday sparked rumors online that something strange was taking place at the “Grill & Chill” location in Greenwood.

“If that was the case, they already would have shut me down,” Momin said of accusations of human meat in burgers. “I just want to make sure people know it has nothing to do with my business. They were looking for people that don’t work there.”

I don’t understand what the big deal is. As I told you about just last week, people think we need to be cooler with cannibalism, anyway.

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