Rashida Tlaib Would Have Had To Pay To See Her Grandma Herself

Ashley (Kimber)

So… is THIS why she didn’t go?

As you all probably know by now, Rashida Tlaib was barred from entering Israel because she’s a blatant anti-Semite and BDS supporter.

According to Israeli law, BDS supporters may not enter the country. So this should not have come as a shock to ANYBODY.

The Left, as they always do, cried racism regardless. Rashida then tearfully implored Israel to let her come see her elderly grandmother one last time. So sad.

“Sure.” said Israel. “Just don’t like… try to destroy our country while you’re here.”

“NO CAN DO,” said Rashida. “I CANNOT POSSIBLY PROMISE NOT TO ATTEMPT TO DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY FROM WITHIN.” (this, of course, is a paraphrase. Do I really need to clarify this?)

AAAANYWAY. It turns out Rashida would have had to pay to visit her “siti” herself, seeing as the trip was CLEARLY personal. Is that why she didn’t go?

According to the Washington Free Beacon: 

Another reason for her decision is perhaps that she would have had to step in to cover the costs of the trip rather than have them paid by Miftah, the sponsor of the trip.

The House Ethics Committee told the Washington Free Beacon it is unable to comment on a specific matter, but senior congressional aides say Tlaib taking money for the trip after spelling out its personal nature in a letter would have been a violation.

“When congresswoman Tlaib reapplied for entry into Israel for the sole purpose of visiting her grandmother, she made the entire trip a personal matter,” said one senior aide. “At that point going on her original trip and allowing the sponsoring group to pay for anything would constitute an illegal gift.”

“That’s why she couldn’t go, if she got on that plane she’d probably be breaking the law by accepting an illegal gift,” the aide said.

Kendra Arnold, executive director for the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, said ethics rules are clear on personal travel.

“Once the trip’s purpose was for a personal matter, the trip should not be funded by taxpayer dollars or gifts from individuals or entities,” Arnold said, adding that Tlaib’s case would not qualify for any of the exceptions to the rule.

“The House Ethics Rules broadly prohibit a Member from accepting anything of value from anyone in either a personal or official capacity, unless the gift falls under one of the explicit exceptions,” Arnold said. “There does not appear to be an exception that would apply in this circumstance to personal travel.”

And why WOULD there be? Why should WE pay for Rashida to VISIT HER GRANDMA?!

No way.

This does, however, explain why she’s been crying so much. She thought she’d get a free trip out of all of this! I’d be bummed, too. Who DOESN’T love free vacations?!