Bill Maher Responds To Tlaib’s Boycott Suggestion, Jay Inslee Is Dunzo, Joe Walsh Is Planning To Primary Trump, And The DWTS Host Sucks.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

There’s a lot going on this morning, y’all.

First of all, remember how Bill Maher spoke with great reason and common sense on his show last weekend, about the BDS movement and Tlaib?  If you missed that amazing moment of clarity, you can catch up right here.

After that, Rashida Tlaib lost her sh*t some more, and decided that not only does the entire country of Israel warrant boycotts, but so does Bill’s show.

Bill Maher is now responding:

Exactly.  Rashida forgets that right now, mercifully, her views are still fringe and radical and not mainstream.  If we could just go ahead and keep it that way, that’d be great.

Also, Jay Inslee has bowed out of the Democrat primary.  So, that’s cool, because we’re whittling down the field to a more respectable size. What are we down to now, like 23?

Lastly, Joe Walsh is considering primary-ing Trump, because he’s apparently as much of a masochist as Bill Weld.  Joe used to be a tea party hero until he went all Never Trump, and now he’s mostly mocked by many of his former supporters.  He was a one term Congressman, and is now doing radio, and a lot of tweeting about Orange Man Bad.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in election news.  But there’s also this. 

According to that sourcelink, the Dancing With The Stars host, Tom Bergeron, is all butthurt that Sean Spicer is joining the line-up for the next season, and he posted this on his social media:

WTF?  Tom Delay, Tucker Carlson, Rick Perry, and other politicos have appeared on DWTS and it’s been fine.  They’ve danced, they’ve looked ridiculous, they’ve entertained, and they’ve not been political.  Because politics isn’t what that show is about.  So for Tom Bergeron to decide NOW to be upset about the Spicer pick?  Absurd.  It’s CLEARLY only because of his connection to Trump, and nothing more.

If Bergeron wants a “joyful respite from our exhausting political climate” then maybe he should look in the freaking mirror and realize that HE Is the one that just made things political.

What an a-hole.  And it’s just one reason to add to the many others that I have approximately this much interest in watching that show.


Thank you but no.

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