Update: San Francisco Judge Issues New Order After Victim Posts Video Of Violent Attack

Ashley (Kimber)

Last week, I wrote about a deranged man who viciously attacked a young woman on the streets of San Francisco.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken released him back into the streets less than 72 hours later, as he posed no threat to society.

Paneez Kosarian, the victim in this case, was ENRAGED, so she took to social media: :

According to Daily Wire:

The incident took place early Sunday morning outside the Watermak apartment complex where Paneez Kosarian lives. Kosarian was allegedly approached by Austin James Vincent, a 25-year-old homeless man, who began to say at first strange, then increasingly threatening things.

“Kosarian was attempting to get into the building, which is located near Beale and Bryant Streets by the Embarcadero, when Vincent refused to let her inside without him and told her everyone is a robot and he is the last human on earth,” San Francisco’s KRON 4 reports. When he allegedly asked her to hand over her wallet and cell phone, which she refused, she tried to get into the door of her apartment complex. That’s when she says he assaulted her — an attack caught on security cameras.

“Arrested at the scene, Vincent was arraigned on Tuesday after entering a plea of not guilty to charges of false imprisonment, attempted robbery and two counts of battery and was released,” the outlet reports.

HotAir’s John Sexton notes that police were reportedly called about Vincent before the alleged assault, but, since it was just a loitering call, didn’t consider it a priority. Officers arrived about a half-hour after the attack.

Despite the seriousnes of the charges, and the available evidence, the suspect was released within less than 72 hours by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken, who simply asked him to “report to a caseworker on condition of his release,” KRON 4 notes.

The victim, understandably, wanted something done about her attacker… and about the judge who would do something this reckless:

Well, as the story has gone viral nationwide, and the judge is apparently worried she’ll get in trouble if someone gets KILLED, she’s issued a new order.

According to Daily Wire:

After Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed were forced to address the growing outrage over the incident, Judge Van Aken issued a new order on Friday. Vincent, the judge said in a hearing Friday, must now wear an ankle monitor.


What’s that going to do?

As The San Francisco Chronicle underscores, the hearing only came after multiple public officials “slammed” Van Aken’s reckless initial ruling. Van Aken also says that she had not seen the surveillance footage in the first hearing involving the suspect because it had not been submitted in court. She only saw it when the video went viral after Kosarian posted it.

“When I saw the video, I was frankly alarmed at the level of violence,” she said at Friday’s hearing, in comments reported by the Chronicle. “It altered my assessment of the public-safety risk of this case. I take public safety very seriously.”

LOL! That’s a joke, right?

She takes public safety very seriously. So after a week of criticism, she strapped an ankle monitor on the guy and sent him back out there.



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