Tom’s Arnold’s Antifa Threat Is Accidentally Hilarious

Ashley (Kimber)

Trump derangement syndrome is one hell of a drug, folks:

Someone get this guy some cold medicine! (According to David Hogg, that’s harder to do than buying an AR15! No wonder Tom hasn’t been able to do something about that obnoxiously stuffy nose!)

Anyway, I’m guessing his point is that Antifa isn’t dangerous. It’s hard to tell WHAT his point is, because Tommy boy may very well be hopped up on that very hard-to-find Sudafed in this video.

But no, he’s totally right guys, Antifa isn’t dangerous at all. Anyone who says they are is probably a Nazi.

Totally harmless, right Stuffy Tom?

And the thing about Bridget Phetasy’s shoes?

She doesn’t get it either.