California Business Owner Claims Liberal Ideology Is Killing Her Business

Erin Evans

If you want to see how badly liberal policies and liberal governance are failing the people of this country, look no further than California.

Yesterday, Ashley told you about a woman whose attacker was released by a San Francisco judge after less than 72 hours in custody, because the attacker posed “no threat to society.”  After his release, the woman released a video of the violent attack, tweeting it at California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, pleading with him to save the city.

Now, a Sacramento businesswoman is following suit, posting a video calling out Newsom and his liberal ideology for causing her to close her business:

She also posted some photos:

In the replies, many people agree with her: businesspeople from Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, and other cities agree that liberal policies are making it harder and harder to conduct business, even forcing them to shut down.

More Californians, and the others around the country, need to speak out about how these policies are affecting them on a personal level.  Sure, people like these “feel-good” measures that purport to help the less fortunate among us – but in reality, these measures are basically turning once-successful American cities into slums.

How long will it take before even the most liberal in these cities look around and say, “enough is enough”?

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