Al Sharpton Thinks Trump Is Showing Signs of Alzheimer’s: He’s in a “Cloudy Area”

Rachel S

The “Trump has dementia” conspiracies have been around longer than he’s been president. It’s ridiculous, but that (of course) doesn’t stop people from talking about it any chance they get, and for some reason Nicolle Wallace and Al Sharpton have brought it back into the lime light once again.

Host Nicolle Wallace said, “Let’s go there because “The New York Times” did.

Ok I cannot figure out what article she’s referring to, and the original article didn’t link to it, so frankly I have no idea what she’s talking about. But moving on.

I read this in the open, but I will read it again. The speech, as Phil Rucker said, typically rambling, veering on and off script, seemingly at he repeated points, he had already made earlier in the evening as if he did not remember already making them.

Or repeating for emphasis. As a nationally-ranked high school forensics speaker (yeah, okay, that was a brag) I can tell you the key to writing a speech that your audience can follow, understand, and remember is repeating yourself. And also scripts are there AS A GUIDELINE, to be veered from.

And I have been on jury duty–

So have thousands of Americans, that’s kind of the deal we made. You’re not special.

–so let me enter that into evidence, alongside of a couple of other things. David Brooks reported in 2017 that a bunch of Republicans came out of a meeting with Donald Trump explained some signs that were similar to the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Here she’s referencing an article with a singular relevant throwaway line: “The Republican senators greeted Trump on Capitol Hill and saw a president so repetitive and rambling, some thought he might be suffering from early Alzheimer’s.” That’s like, the whooooole thing. That’s not evidence. That’s not factual. That’s not anything.

You’ve got reporting I think from Phil’s newspaper, from Axios and other places that in and out of the rooms people either disparagingly or affectionately are saying at an increased clip, he’s crazy.”

Ugh. What’s next, are you going to report on all the BFFs out there who insult each other as an expression of their love?

Sharpton said, “When you look at the fact that grandpa is not sitting home reading the paper, but he’s on the front page of the paper and grandpa has the football with the nuclear bomb mechanisms near him, this is frightening.”

Sharpton is a person who has never known someone suffering from dementia. If he had, he wouldn’t be such an insensitive ass about it.

He added, “We’ve been hearing over and over again he’s losing it.

We’ve also been hearing over and over again that he’s a white supremacist, and that’s not true either, is it?

And I think what is driving this, even more, Nicolle is that with the economy fearing to be headed at least downward, if not a recession, and you have England and other problems in Europe, it drives him further into whatever cloudy area he is in mentally.”

… Wat.

I got nothing for that one. Just. What?!

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