VIDEO: Philadelphia Police Officers Jeered At And Shoved By Crowd As They Respond To Massive Shootout

Ashley (Kimber)

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As I mentioned earlier, a local Philadelphia reporter was shocked to witness a crowd of people jeering and heckling police officers are they were actively being shot at:

Many officers were injured, and there was no telling if at any moment someone could have lost their life.

…but these heinous individuals were TAUNTING them.

Video of the crowd has now surfaced… and it’s worse than I could have imagined.


This is flat out repulsive. At one point you actually see a woman SHOVE a police officer as he walks past her.

These brave men just put their LIVES on the line to protect that community. Not ONE of those people deserves for a cop to help them, or their neighborhood, ever again.

As reported by Daily Wire:

As reported by The Daily Wire on Thursday morning, the standoff closed out after a long seven hours from outside the alleged shooter’s apartment building. The perp, whom the The Daily Wire will not name as a matter of policy, was brought into police custody after reportedly calling his lawyer “in a panic.”

In the wake of the dangerous standoff, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called for more gun control measures, both at the state and federal level. “This government — both at the federal and state level — don’t wanna do anything about getting these guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals,” he said.

However, the alleged shooter did not have a history of respecting laws at all; he had a total of six convictions and was barred from owning firearms. As noted by The Daily Wire, the suspect has “a lengthy rap sheet dating back to when he was 18 that includes gun, drug, and aggravated assault convictions and kidnapping and attempted murder charges.”

Riiiight. Laws have done an EXCELLENT job of stopping this scumbag this far, right?

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