Philadelphia Police Shooter Has ‘Extensive’ Criminal History

Ashley (Kimber)

Democrats are politicizing the horrific shooting against police officers that happened in Philadelphia last night.

They’re calling for gun bans, increased background checks, and even BUMP STOCK BANS (bump stocks are already banned, thank you very much.)

What they are REFUSING to acknowledge is that this man was NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO OWN A GUN.

Did that stop him?

Well, here’s your answer: Did the ban on DRUGS keep him from being a drug dealer?

The answer is NO, on both counts.

According to Fox News:

The man accused of opening fire on Philadelphia police officers, wounding six and triggering an hourslong standoff that stretched into the night, has been arrested at least a dozen times since turning 18 — a rap sheet the city’s top cop described as an “extensive” criminal history.

With his hands in the air and a police light illuminating his every movement, alleged gunman Maurice Hill, 36, surrendered to authorities just after midnight Thursday, exiting the north Philadelphia neighborhood home he’d barricaded himself in.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who said he spent hours Wednesday negotiating with Hill over the phone, said the situation that unfolded “could have been far worse.”

With hundreds of rounds shot, it’s truly a miracle no one was more seriously injured.

“I am surprised he came out because he was indicating to some that he wasn’t going to do that and that he was not going back,” to prison, Ross told reporters early Thursday regarding some of Hill’s alleged statements. “Many of you have found out about his history. It’s very significant. In fact, he told me on the phone, he used the word ‘extensive,’ he had an extensive criminal history and that he knew the system. This is why he was making the outlandish demands he was making.”

Just another guy gaming the system.

In 2013, Hill was convicted of perjury and was sentenced to seven months of probation. Records obtained by FOX29 also showed dozens of serious charges over the years that were later withdrawn in court.

WHY? Why where his charges withdrawn?  We don’t know. What I DO know is that this standoff could have probably been avoided.

Court documents obtained by FOX29 show Hill’s lengthy criminal history, including a least a dozen arrests since he turned 18. The 36-year-old has been in and out of prison since 2002 after convictions for such crimes as illegal possession of guns and aggravated assault, according to the documents obtained by FOX29.

At a news conference on Thursday, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said that Hill “should not have been on the streets,” but that law enforcement officials did not have a “crystal ball” to predict his behavior.

I’m sorry… but a dozen arrests for serious crimes, some VIOLENT, is as close to a “crystal ball” that we’re not dealing with a great person here as it gets.

Krasner told reporters that Hill has not yet been charged, but may face numerous counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault, in addition to “likely drug charges.”

“There are more than enough charges, so Mr. Maurice Hill may never exit jail,” he said”

If this guy EVER gets out, our system has failed us.

And just to HAMMER IN that gun laws DON’T WORK:

Hill also spent time in federal prison, pleading guilty to federal firearms violations in 2008 after he was caught with a Smith & Wesson .357 and a Taurus PT .45 semiautomatic, according to court records obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Prior felony convictions should have kept him from owning those weapons, and a federal judge sentenced him to four years and seven months in prison, the Inquirer reported.


What’s a TAURUS?! Is that a gun AS BIG AS A FOUR-DOOR SEDAN?! OMG. BAN IT. -The Left.

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