Harvard Student David Hogg’s Tweet On ARs and Cold Pills Sends Heads To Desks

Ashley (Kimber)

David Hogg’s still got it, y’all:

I have purchased cold pills.

I have also purchased an AR-15. (Or have I? Maybe I was there while someone else purchased one. Maybe I wasn’t. I will never tell, KAMALA.)

I can confirm that this is a lie. As in…he just dreamed this up. There is NO TRUTH to this. Where did he even come up with this nonsense? Is he high on Sudafed?

LOL. A proud moment for the once-iconic institution.

Right. Why is it so hard for you? Are you trying to buy 30 boxes at a time?

Sadly, his leftist cronies eat this right up:

That didn’t happen. Walmart locks guns up.

Let me guess… that’s why Stacey Abrams lost, right?

Again… WHY were you denied the cold medicine? Were you trying to make meth? Or are you just full of crap?

Ok, but for real. You can’t ACTUALLY believe this.

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