Trans Predator Jessica Yaniv Reportedly Doxxed Blair White

Ashley (Kimber)

As I wrote about a while ago, conservative trans woman Blair White exposed ‘Jessica’ Yaniv for the disgusting predator he is, after gaining international notoriety for shutting women’s business down for refusing to wax his balls:

As the video blew up, Blaire decided to have a conversation with this predator. She didn’t want to lend him a platform, but rather continue to expose him for what he is.

It was a complete and total train wreck. I don’t know how Blaire lasted this long. I wouldn’t have been able to put up with this garbage for more than 10 minutes:

At about the 59-minute mark, Yaniv proudly brandishes a taser, “proving” he lives in fear… or something. Interestingly, the same guy who keeps saying he’s “simply following BC law” proudly proclaims his weapon is ILLEGAL.

Police then raided Yaniv’s home.

According to this :

The Post Millennial has confirmed speculation that the Walnut Grove home of Jessica Yaniv was raided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police last night. The raid follows Yaniv’s explosive live appearance on Blaire White’s YouTube channel, brandishing and demonstrating the functionality of a taser at one point in the debate, and claiming to be fully aware of its illegality. Yaniv also claimed to possess pepper spray.

It was later revealed that ‘Yaniv was arrested and brought to an RCMP holding cell. Yaniv was released the next morning.

Well, it appears that the man who Blaire White called out for knowing only how to hurt others is trying to seek revenge on Blaire.

According to Blaire herself, Jessica has ‘doxxed’ her.

Blaire’s address was posted publicly last Thursday.

While Blaire did not originally think this was due to ‘Jessica,’ she quickly realized the accounts doxxing her shared similarities with his alt-accounts.

She explains the rest in the first few minutes of this video:

This nutjob just keeps getting worse.

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