Stacey Abrams Would Be ‘Any’ Candidate’s VP, Despite Previously Complaining She Didn’t Want To Be ‘Second Place’

Ashley (Kimber)

Stacey Abrams, a woman best known for losing her race and then complaining about it (Think Hillary Clinton) just said she’d be happy serving as VP under any of the current candidates… despite previously complaining she didn’t want to be “second place.”

LOL. This woman’s entitlement is off the charts, isn’t it?

According to Daily Wire: 

“I would be honored to be considered by any nominee,” Abrams told The New York Times when asked about the potential of being selected as a vice presidential candidate.

Abrams, however, had notably rebuffed an offer from former Vice President Joe Biden after reports circulated in March that his top campaign advisors discussed selecting Abrams in an attempt to illustrate that Biden “isn’t just another old white guy.”

The former Georgia lawmaker swiftly shot down the idea of sharing the top of the ticket with another individual, stating that “you don’t run for second place.”

Second place is better than where she is now…which is LAST.

Abrams has consistently maintained that she wants to advance her political career and mulled over a number of options, including a second Georgia gubernatorial run in 2022, as well as a Senate or presidential run in 2020.

Abrams ruled out a Senate run in April, and subsequently announced on Tuesday that she would be abstaining from kicking off her own presidential run in favor of focusing her efforts on preventing voter suppression in the upcoming 2020 election.

You know. Since she maintains, with absolutely no evidence, that the election was “stolen” from her.

Accordingly, Abrams launched a new initiative called Fair Fight 2020. The organization is billed as a fighter for “free, fair, and secure elections,” though its goal is also to elect Democratic lawmakers. Fair Fight 2020 will only be working with Democratic state parties or local allies across the country, according to its website.

“If we start early and worth together, we will ensure that every American voter’s voice is heard and that Democrats up and down the ballot will win,” the Fair Fight 2020 website reads.

But um… what if American voters want to vote for a Republican, Stacey? Will you make sure THEIR voices are heard?

LOL. No – no she will not.

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