Sharon Stone Begs Beto To Run For Senate…Who’s Gonna Tell Her?

Ashley (Kimber)

Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke ran for Senate against Ted Cruz and lost, despite national support from liberal elites and outspending him by a craaaap ton of outsider money.

He’s now running for President, because clearly, that’s the next step for a loser.

He’s polling at 1% -3%. (Quit now, Beto, before you further embarrass yourself.)

Anyway, I’m not sure if Sharon Stone ACTUALLY wants him to try for Senate again, or if she just wants him to quit, but she Tweeted this out:

She DOES realize he already tried that…right?

Interestingly, Stone has actually supported Pete Buttigieg, pledging $5,600 to his campaign.

She may think Beto has a “huge future in politics,” but not as the President.

Even weirder? How delusional Beto’s supporters are:

These poor unfortunate souls have a rude awakening coming.

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