Marianne Williamson Politicizes Philadelphia Shooting To Call For… Bump Stock Ban?

Ashley (Kimber)

Earlier today, a massive shooting erupted as a narcotics unit attempted to serve drug dealers with a warrant. Six police officers were left wounded.

Marianne Williamson, being a good Democrat, decided to immediately politicize the situation, and call for bans.

…on bump stocks? What do bump stocks have to do with ANYTHING? Is it just the only “scary gun word” she knows?

Who’s gonna tell her?

They were banned by that dude you’re going to wrangle with love or whatever.

But you know… maybe she has a point. Maybe if we banned guns, drug dealers would stop shooting cops!

The laws against selling illicit narcotics, and you know… SHOOTING COPS didn’t stop them.  (Because you know, these things ARE illegal.) But gun bans? THAT’LL DO IT!