Comedian Reportedly Gets Death Threats After President Trump Retweets His Video About Clinton’s Involvement In Epstein Suicide

Ashley (Kimber)

Comedian Terrence K. Williams has said that he has been swarmed with death threats, and is legitimately worried for his safety after President Trump retweeted a video where he blames Hillary Clinton for the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

According to Daily Wire:

“THEY ARE COMING AFTER ME!” Williams, who often creates politically-natured content, captioned his video. “After [Donald Trump] Retweeted me I received threats & now Facebook is after me. I’m worried about my safety.”

He asked his followers to retweet his video and use the #ProtectTerrenceKWilliams hashtag on social media.

“I need everybody to listen and pay attention, ever since President Trump has retweeted me, people have been sending death threats, threatening me every single day, telling me I better watch my back,” Williams started the video, which was split screen: one side featuring Williams and the other side scrolling through alleged threats sent to the comedian. One of the threats said, “I’m going to f*** your house slave a** when I see you.” Another email, with the subject line “Jeffrey Epstein’s Murder” read, “You’re next.”

What kind of unhinged loon sends a death threat over this? I mean… who really cares this much?

Back in February, Williams noted, he was involved in a serious car accident, where he reportedly fractured his neck. “I do not want to be hurt again. These people need to tone down these death threats,” he said.

“And now Facebook is after me,” he continued. “Facebook has sent out their fact-checkers to fact-check my page. They are telling my followers that my page is fake news, that my content is fake news. I am a comedian. How can you fact-check a joke? I have never in my life heard about somebody fact-checking a joke. … They are trying to shut me down.”

Lol. Facebook has done the exact same thing to us, and we’re an opinion website. That’s just what they do.

Williams ended the video by telling his audience he is “not suicidal,” and if something happens to him, it was “somebody on the Left.”

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