Shots Fired Into San Antonio ICE Office

Ashley (Kimber)

The Left is quick to blame President Trump and the Right’s ‘rhetoric’ for any tragedy that happens on American soil.

Surely, then, they will be quick to take accountability for this, right?

According to the Washington Examiner:

Police in San Antonio arrested a man early Tuesday morning in connection with gunshots fired through the windows of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in the city, according to local media reports.

Local law enforcement responded around 3 a.m. CT Tuesday to shots fired at the ICE field office located north of Interstate 410 near Brookhaven Drive.

The Left has used incendiary rhetoric to describe ICE and CBP officers for some time now. Prominent politicians have liked them to Nazis, and called detention centers “concentration camps.’

Are they to blame? Will they blame themselves for this act of violence?

Police told News 4 the man is believed to have fired the shots from across the highway into the windows of the building. The building does not have bulletproof windows, and at least one shot penetrated a window.

“They have a 24/7 command center in there so there were people in the building,” a former senior ICE official who spoke with an official based at the office told the Washington Examiner.

Someone could have been seriously injured. We are immensely grateful they weren’t.

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