Sean Hannity Shares Unexpected Perspective on the ‘Fredo’ Debacle

Ashley (Kimber)

I’ve given Chris Cuomo a very hard time for this ‘Fredo’ thing.

Honestly, I think he blew the entire thing way out of proportion, I think his likening the term to the “n-word” was kind of ridic, and I think the cherry on top was seeing how often the term was used on his own network. Heck! It was used on his own SHOW.

Sean Hannity, however, is sharing an opinion we haven’t heard from many on the right.

Sean thinks he did nothing wrong:

Here’s the thing… I think Cuomo’s behavior was over the top. I also didn’t stop to think about Hannity’s point.

We, as Conservatives, have grown sadly accustomed to being harassed in public. It doesn’t make it right. I think many of us may have jumped to the “taste of his own medicine” end… but at what cost? I have defended countless Conservatives against attacks at restaurants and other public spaces. It’s only fair for me to be honest with myself and admit that it was crap for this guy to come up to Chris, call him names, and then start recording while he was enjoying a day with his family.

So yes, I think Chris Cuomo really blew this up more than he should have. I also STRONGLY disagree with harassing ANYONE, regardless of whether their politics and opinions align with mine.

So thank you, Sean Hannity, for the reality check.

This tweet was the very DEFINITION of “when they go low, we go high.” It’s not something we see exemplified very often anymore.

All that being said, Chris Cuomo is a total Fredo.

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