Trump’s Dayton And El Paso Visits, Rosanna Arquette Haz The Feel-Badz, And Michael Moore Is No Longer Soul-Cycling…

Daisy, Co-Founder

In today’s episode of what-is-happening-in-the-country, Trump’s visit to Dayton and El Paso went nothing like the mainstream media told us it would go (color me shocked, because PROPAGANDA MACHINE).  Also, Rosanna Arquette hates herself because she’s a person of pallor.

What – you’re white, it’s 2019, and you don’t hate YOURSELF?  What the hell is wrong with you?

And Michael Moore (yes, that Michael Moore) has given up his Soul Cycle membership.  Because orange man baaaaaaaaaaaad.  Or something.

Maybe he was being self-deprecating.  Maybe not.  If not, I’m sure those people in his daily Soul Cycle class are really gonna miss him terribly.  Especially the folks who were lucky enough to have to be right behind him.  Also, the sheer visual of him on a spin bike just made me puke in my mouth, so I feel like in this day and age, that’s a form of triggering, right?

Do I get some sort of compensation now?

Happy Thursday, y’all.