Ronald Reagan’s Home, And Long-Time Republican Stronghold, Has Officially Gone Blue

Ashley (Kimber)

Orange County, Ronald Reagan’s home, and long-time Republican stronghold in Commie-fornia, has gone blue.

It’s a sad, sad day for us all, folks.

According to the LA Times:

Orange County, long a Republican stronghold, has officially turned blue.

The county that nurtured Ronald Reagan’s conservatism and is the resting place of Richard Nixon is now home to 547,458 registered Democrats, compared with 547,369 Republicans, according to statistics released early Wednesday morning by the county Registrar of Voters. The number of voters not aligned with a political party has also surged in recent years, and stands at 440,711, or 27.4% of the county’s voters.

Democrats in the area, of course, are using this as an opportunity to take a dig at our president.

Democratic leaders attributed the shift to changing demographics, aggressive recruitment efforts and President Trump.

“Trump’s toxic rhetoric and exclusionary policies alienate women, millennials, suburban voters, immigrants and people of color — critical components of the electorate in Orange County,” said Katerina Ioannides, co- chairwoman of the Orange County Young Democrats, one of several groups that worked to increase party registration.

“The Republican Party’s platform no longer resonates in a rapidly diversifying, increasingly college-educated Orange County,” said Ioannides, whose group conducted registration drives aimed at young voters.

Increasingly college-indoctrinated county. THERE. Fixed it for ya.

Republicans in the area, however, have a very different take on why this is happening:

Shawn Steel, Republican national committeeman for California, blamed the GOP decline on the large increase in the number of voters who register with no party preference, and on Republicans leaving the state because of high housing costs, poor schools and lackluster job opportunities.

“We’ve been an out-migration state for 20 years, and that’s particularly acute in the suburbs,” said Steel , who predicted that the tide would turn because of overreach by the Democratic politicians who control every arm of state government. “There is an opportunity as Democrats get more aggressive in Sacramento and alienate more people.”

Right. It seems to me that Republicans have every reason to LEAVE. We certainly see a lot of former Californians here in Arizona. Normal people just can’t afford to live there anymore.

Republicans aren’t completely giving up, though:

Randall Avila, executive director of the Orange County Republican Party, said many Democratic gains were coming in swaths that are already solidly blue. He also pointed to the surging number of voters who are not affiliated with any political party, a phenomenon seen across the state.

“It just means we need to step up our game; we need to rise to the occasion and competitiveness of the county now,” Avila said, noting that the GOP regularly registers voters at naturalization ceremonies, the DMV, and at events like the Orange County Fair and the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival.

I hope they stay at it.

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