Baltimore Residents Are Asked About Trump’s ‘Offensive’ Comments – Their Answers Destroy The Leftist Narrative

Ashley (Kimber)

Last week, the Left was OUTRAGED at Trump’s ‘racist’ comments about how Baltimore is a craphole.

How DARE he say mean things about this WONDERFUL, VIBRANT, DEMOCRAT-RUN city?!

Well… how do the RESIDENTS of Baltimore feel about their “wonderful” city?

This is POWERFUL stuff, folks.

“So when Trump says no human being would want to live there….”


So what do the residents of Baltimore think about Trump’s comments?

“Me personally, I want him to say things like that because it’s true. … I don’t have no problems with the man. I really respect him as a man because he’s upfront, he’s truthful. They keep wanting to say, ‘he a racist, he a racist, he a racist’; that’s not the problem, especially with black people, because I don’t see white men killing my own kind, you know what I mean.”

Let’s get real, America.

We have problems. And pretending that they’re something they’re not isn’t helping ANYONE.