Rosanna Arquette Is Deeply Ashamed.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I am dying laughing at this tweet I just read from Rosanna Arquette, who you may know from such things as being in that movie with Madonna like seventy four years ago, and being part of the Arquette family, which includes a veritable smorgasbord of crazy siblings.



What are we supposed to take away from that nonsense? Are we supposed to applaud her for her bravery and courage? Give her some sort of award for heroism?

I have a better idea.


These bleeding heart Hollywood morons are just beyond ridiculous.  This is the epitome of virtue signaling.

David Webb had a great idea too:

I’m wondering what Rosanna feels the most shame and disgust about.  I mean, no one has control over the color of skin they were born with, so feeling shame and disgust about that is pretty pointless.  So it’s gotta be the privilege, right?

Again – there are solutions.

You get the idea.

No better way to conclude this post than this:


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