Nicolle Wallace Claims Trump Called For Extermination Of Latinos, And Then Offers Massively Weak Apology.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

You gotta be kidding me with this.

Yeah. She said that.  OUT LOUD. This is what MSNBC thinks is journalism.

Naturally, Twitter exploded, and rightly so.  This is just inexcusable.

Her “apology” was lame AF:

There was no better response to it than this one:

I mean, Scott perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of the way she tried to explain away her behavior.  “Well, I misspoke because Trump is so awful that I couldn’t help it!” – Nicolle, basically.

Journalism today is a farce.  And remember Dan Rather?  He’s still doing it wrong too:

Dan Rather is saying, out loud, that the press shouldn’t quote the President.  This is actually happening.



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