Nicole Wallace (And MSNBC) Is A Disgrace, And Other Things You Need To Know About Today…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Our mainstream media is disgusting. Plain and simple.  If you’re still watching MSNBC or CNN, and you Actually Believe that they’re giving you news?  You’re either high as a 747 or you’re brainwashed.  Take your pick.

These lobotomized MSM drones are a big part of the reason we started this site over ten years ago, and wow – they’ve just become increasingly more pathetic and narrative-driven over the past decade.  I gotta admit – I didn’t think it would get this bad.  But here we are.

Nicole Wallace?  Well, she’s a prime example of a once-registered-Republican who is now just another never-Trumpin’-TDS zombie who cannot control the dumpster fire that seems to be raging in her brain.  Because HATE, y’all.  It’s all-consuming with these folks.  It’s like rabies.  Or that crap that the bitey-zombie-people had in World War Z.  Honestly…these folks are OFF. THEIR. ROCKERS.  I’m assuming she also believes that we’re all white supremacists, too.  All y’all reading this.  And anyone who DAAAAARED to vote for the mean orange man.


How very convenient for Nicole to spew that kind of garbage on her propaganda-network and just half-ass walk it back on Twitter.  Meanwhile, she’ll preach to all of us about how our incendiary rhetoric is so, well, INCENDIARY.

This is going to turn out so well for them in 2020.  After all, calling us all raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist in 2016 worked for them.  Calling us all a bunch of “exterminating white supremacists” should be a logical next step in their strategy.

Liberals are like, super smart and stuff.

Also, show note, y’all – we’re going to be changing our Q&A time to Fridays.  We’ve been doing them on Wednesdays, but WAAAAAAAY too much stuff has been happening during the week and we’ve been forgetting to do it, so we’re officially moving it

So, gather your questions, and let us know if you have any in advance – we’ll try to get to some of yours first in our session on Friday!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y’all!

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