The World Has Gone Full Wack, And It’s Only Tuesday…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Wow, Venezuela.  You’re seriously going to issue a travel advisory to the United States while your people are eating zoo animals for dinner and drinking sewer water to wash those down?

Hey listen…in case you forgot what your country’s timeline looked like over the past two and a half decades…

But bravo on that travel advisory because the UNITED STATES is dangerous and whatnot.  Really.  That’s cute.

Also, because this week couldn’t get any more bizarre (and it’s only Tuesday), Mexico is suing us because they don’t think THEIR citizens are safe in OUR country.  And if you’re a conservative, and you voted for Trump?  Well, you’re a white supremacist now.  Nevermind if you’re black.  Or hispanic.  Or purple or polka-dotted.  That’s right.  You’re a KKK-joinin’-cross-burning white supremacist.  This is what the left and their buddy-the-mainstream media has deemed so, so it must be true.

2020 is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Have a wonderful day, everyone.