How Feminists Ruin Everything. Example # 456,231,245,798.

Mockarena, Co-Founder


That’s an Actual Tweet, you guys.

Isn’t it fascinating that she felt a need to point out the age and skin color of the gentleman who was doing nothing more than showing her the most base level of kindness?

Holy CRAP I loathe women like this.  Oh, by the way, she uses she/her pronouns, according to her bio, because that’s a thing people point out now, because the world has gone completely insane.

She’s an “educator,” you guys.  #Godhelpus

Thankfully, many of the responses (and yes, her post has been MASSIVELY ratioed) were from reasonable, thoughtful men and women alike who are fed up with Caroline’s brand of feminism.

I keep re-reading Caroline’s original tweet and am just completely cracking up at how much credit she gives herself and her “quickly calculated act of resistance.”  Perhaps she didn’t need help with her luggage – and that’s fine.  Saying, “No, thank you – I got it” was certainly fine.  What WASN’T fine, was blasting that reaction on social media, needlessly specifying the man’s age and skin color,  and treating it as if it were some sort of act of courage.  That’s not courage, Caroline.  That’s you acting like a batsh*t fembot.

Thanks for further destroying chivalry for those of us who actually appreciate it and aren’t joyless feminists.

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