I Didn’t Wanna Do It, But I Gotta Add Ruth To The Wall Of Shame.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but Twitter has changed recently.  There was a while there when we had a choice of using the “old” Twitter format or the new one, and I stuck with the old for as long as I could because I’m a creature of habit.  But then one day, I noticed I couldn’t switch back anymore, so I’ve been adjusting to the new format.  Slowly.

There are some changes, however, that are just completely stupid and pointless and make previously simple processes (like embedding tweets and inserting gifs) needlessly complicated.

So, when you have a question or a gripe about a process change, I kind of feel like it’s appropriate to direct those questions/gripes to the organization that is responsible for the changes.  Right?  I mean, I’m not crazy, right?  It’s basic customer service.  You have an issue with how you’re treated at a restaurant, you talk to the management.  You have a question about when you’ll receive your order from Amazon, you talk to a rep at Amazon.  This seems pretty logical to me.

All that said, having a question or gripe about a relatively trivial matter doesn’t mean that the question or gripe isn’t worth discussing, right?  And it doesn’t mean that the question or gripe is the MOST IMPORTANT THING you’re concerned with at any given moment.  Right?

Anyway, that’s the context for this completely pointless Twitter argument I had with Ruth, after I directed a tweet to Twitter to find out why they made these new dumb changes.

So, in case you’re wondering if Ruth is the kind of parent who demands her kids finish what’s on their plates because there are starving children in Africa, I think we have our answer.

There are people who walk 10 miles for water, you guys. So OBVIOUSLY asking Twitter about a recent change to their platform is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Ruth wasn’t done with the lecture.

So, we went from people walking 10 miles for water to her friends with illnesses and bills who have no jobs.  These are the reasons it’s apparently unacceptable for me to question a Twitter process change.

I was getting irritated, but I stayed polite.

And then, predictably, Ruth became the victim, presumably because – I don’t know – I used an eye roll emoji maybe (although she did that first).  I didn’t call her mean adjectives, the way she did with us.  But check out her response:



I didn’t expect this to be a Wall of Shame post, but whaddyagonnado.  🙂

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