This Chick’s Conspiracy Theory About Who We Really Are Will Have You ROLLING.

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In the 10 and 1/2 years that Daisy and I have been Chicks on the Right, we’ve been accused of SO MANY THINGS. Here’s just a small sampling of the accusations that have been thrown at us:

1. We’re men who are using fake pictures and pretending to be women.
2. We’re lesbians.
3. We’re racists.
4. We’re homophobes.
5. We’re transphobes.
6. We’re sexists.
7. We’re jealous of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.
8. We’re not “real” conservatives.
9. We’re wanna-be Valley Girls.
10. We’re bimbos.

The list goes on and on. I mean, it’s practically infinite. But up until today, I think my favorite one of all time was when we were accused of being “Karl Rove Operatives” – whatever that means. You have no idea how much we would love to be Karl Rove operatives, particularly if it’s a paying gig. But alas, we’re not. We’re exactly who we say we are on our About Us page. Open book.  WYSIWYG.

But you guys, today? Today I have a new favorite accusation. And it comes from Jocelyne. BEHOLD:

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I should point out right here that Josh is one of the Young Conservatives, and we’ve had a lovely, long-term partnership with those guys.  They help us, we help them – and we all adore each other.  But we Chicks started the site months, if not years, before we even MET the Young Cons, and so Jocelyne’s suggestion that anyone other than me and Daisy are responsible for starting and running COTR is absurd on every level.  The Young Cons have their own content elsewhere on this domain, but their content is clearly marked with YOUNG CONSERVATIVES in gigantic letters at the top of the page.  It’s not rocket science to tell us apart.

But she wasn’t convinced:



That was so delicious, I had to retweet it:

And her response?

If by “hit a nerve” she means that she made me literally laugh out loud in the middle of my family room, then yes, absolutely.  She hit ALL THE NERVES.

We got helpful cover from Jayme and Matt and Steve, which I appreciated.  And Jocelyne blocked us, which made me laugh even harder.

Even though she blocked us, I was able to see a couple more exchanges because I’m sneaky like that.  Trey tried to point out how completely stupid she was by explaining that we are actually quite visible to the public:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  At least she sort of admitted that we were Real Women in that one.  PROGRESS.

And it’s not even that we just have a video podcast.  We’ve had a radio show for SIX YEARS, you guys.  Does she think one of the Young Cons is pretending to be two women on the radio and that our station wouldn’t have caught on by now?  Does she think that our book was ghost written by one of the Young Cons and that Random House was totally OK using a fake picture of two non-existent women on the cover?  WHAT DO THE BRAINS OF PEOPLE LIKE THIS LOOK LIKE, you guys?  I’m so fascinated by the freak shows!

You know what’s really going to blow Jocelyne’s mind?  We’re about to launch a new weekly podcast too.  You can already subscribe and everything!  It’s gonna be magic to Jocelyne because somehow Josh is going to have to figure out how to sound like two women having a conversation, just like he does on our radio show every day.  HE IS SO MAGICAL, that Josh.

Must be the Dartmouth education.


Good luck with your conspiracy theories, Jocelyne.  Also, consider therapy.

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