A New Addition To The Wall Of Shame, And A Word About Ads.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

We’ve been, I think, pretty forthcoming and straightforward with y’all about the impact that social media algorithms have had on our site.  The way that Facebook is changing their platform to make it harder for our audience to see our content has had a pretty huge impact on us.  We’re not alone, we know, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  In order to continue to afford a writer and pay for our site expenses, we’ve had to (unfortunately) resort to using more intrusive/inconvenient advertising to make up for the decrease in eyeballs on the site.  We don’t like it any more than you do – we promise.  Back in the good old days, when people wouldn’t rely on FB to get them here and they’d just visit the site directly, we were able to use minimally invasive ads, and it was awesome.  But as a business, we have to evolve to continue to meet business needs.

That said, if you ever see an ad that won’t easily close, or an ad that leads to porn, or any other kind of nefarious ad, we want to know about it so we can get it removed.  And we appreciate those of you who write us and let us know when you’re having an issue like that. (Also, this is probably a good time to mention that we do offer an ad-free subscription service – the link is at the top of our home page).

ANYWAY, I say all that in order to give you the background you’ll need to understand why Ron is being added to our wall of shame.  Check out this email exchange.

I wasn’t crazy about his tone from the get-go – because I don’t respond well to people who are all, “If this happens again I’m unliking you.”  Don’t be a dick.  If you have an issue, say so without being a dick.  I feel like that’s not a lot to ask.

But I thought I’d give Ron the benefit of the doubt, and try to be helpful.


That was my way of saying, “Hey there – if you have an ad that is legit preventing you from seeing our content, we want to see it, but yeah – we have ads that may require you to take .000000000062 seconds out of your life to close out before seeing our hard work for free.”

He didn’t respond favorably.

That’s when I lost my patience, and IT. WAS. ON.


Ron was not pleased with my response.



Ron hasn’t replied to that last message, and I’m assuming he’s shown himself the door, which is completely fine by me.


Anyway, hopefully that helps clarify our position on advertising not just to Ron, but to others out there who may have the same question.

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