Leftist Billionaire Tom Steyer Doesn’t ‘See Himself’ As Rich

Ashley (Kimber)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Left, it’s that it doesn’t matter who are what you are: it matters what you FEEL you are.

So while Tom Steyer, unhinged 2020 candidate, may be a multi-billionaire, he doesn’t FEEL RICH. And so he’s just like you and me, you guys!

“Now you know, I know everybody always describes me as being rich. That is not how I see myself,” he told an audience at a bookstore here Wednesday night. “But I can tell you this, the one thing it does give me is the right to say nobody owns me. I mean I will do exactly what I think is right.”

Fighting inequality is one of his priorities, he said, and his wealth is a sign of his ability to finance that fight. He plans to spend $100 million of it on the race.

Honestly, screw this dude.

He may not ‘feel’ rich, but does he know what it’s like to buy generic peanut butter? I DOUBT IT.

Let’s take this a few steps further… does he know what it’s like to have to decide whether or not you should see a doctor, because you really just can’t afford the medical bills?

Does he know what it’s like to close all of your blinds and start the fans because you can’t afford to run your AC?

Does he know what it’s like to decide between your food, your utilities, your car insurance, or your prescription?


So while I’m sure he thought this “I don’t feel rich” BULLCRAP would make him “relatable,” it actually just proves how entirely DETACHED from reality he is.

I’ll take a millionaire who KNOWS he lives the good life (aka Trump) over a BILLIONAIRE who wants to pretend he’s not.

Eat crap, you phony.

You don’t “feel” rich. Give me a break.

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