The Squad’s Presser, Trump’s Response, And All The Continued Drama

Mockarena, Co-Founder

If you missed it, the tiresome foursome held a press conference to bitch about President Trump’s tweets.

In case you don’t want to sit through that 22 minute disaster-fest, it can be summed up as follows:

“Orange man bad! Orange man racist! Impeach Orange Man!”

Specifically, Omar said, “We can either continue to enable this president and report on the bile of garbage that comes out of his mouth. Or we can hold him accountable for his crimes. It is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our constitution. It is time for us to impeach this president.”

Incidentally, the crime she gave as an example?  Colluding with Russia.  I’m not even making that up.

Tlaib said, “I urge House leadership, many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today.”

AOC said, “So what he (Trump) does is attack us personally. And that is what this is all about. He can’t look a child in the face and he can’t look all Americans in the face and justify why this country is throwing them in cages.”

Pressley called Trump an “Occupant” of the White House because OMG NOT MY PRESIDENT! Or something.

Trump took to Twitter:

So that’s where we are.

Anyone have a better name for these four lunatics than “The Squad?”  I just feel like that’s way too nice. I was thinking something more along the lines of “B*tch Batallion.”

Yeah.  I said it.

I think this was a terrrrrible move on their part, by the way – this whole presser.  If they’d gained any sympathy whatsoever from Trump’s “go back to your country” tweets, that sympathy is gone.

But I maintain my earlier position about Trump’s misstep.  And I was in lockstep with Greg Gutfeld on that (emphasis mine):

Fact is, the media and Democrats wish him ill and read his tweets with ill-intent.

The rest of us are left to explain it all. It’s like doing stand-up while your friends are sitting at the tables explaining your jokes.

That’s where I step in — I read the whole thing.

My summary? After he said “leave,” he said, “please come back!”

If anything, it’s a challenge.

But why quibble with context?

Still, the president could work harder on the details. Like the fact that only one of the Squad is from somewhere else.

Also, maybe don’t tweet about the Democrats while they’re eating each other alive?

Again, I’d just like to point out that last week, we were all salivating over these freshmen Congresswomen fighting with Nancy Pelosi. It was the most delicious infighting ever. We could have still been doing that, instead of having to justify and rationalize and explain away Trump’s “go back to your country” tweets. How much more fun would it have been if these women would have held a press conference to talk about their war with Pelosi – wouldn’t that have been the best?

But like I said, this is where we are.