As Hollywood Celebs Lose It Over Trump’s Tweets, One Admits Dems Always ‘Fall For It’

Ashley (Kimber)

While I may not agree with the exact wording o Trump’s now-infamous tweets, I get what he was saying: If you have America, you are free to leave.

That doesn’t seem ALL that controversial to me.

I, of course, am not a Hollywood liberal.

So um… New York?


HITLER. Trump is Hitler. THAT’S a new one. I thought Stephen King was a creative type?

Despite the mass HYSTERIA, there is one Hollywood type that took a deep breath before he tweeted:

Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, wrote: “He’s using the oldest trick in the book. He sees unrest among Democrats, so he’s stirring the pot and throwing gas on the fire below. It’s purely in the interest of igniting chaos. All too often, we fall for it. Let’s see the bully for what he is.”

And while he clearly does not support our President… he’s also not wrong.